Freshest Aged Domains Inside

As a member, you will view the freshest results online. We analyze over 150,000 expired domains each and every day. We analyze all of the expired domains from Godaddy and Namejet that end within a 10 day time frame so you don’t have to wait long periods of time for a domain auction to end.

Profitable Domains Appearing Every Second

Aged Domain Hunter runs 24/7 analyzing all of the domains on the marketplace. We highlight certain domains by potential profitability, high page rank, and both combined. This makes the process of finding the most valuable domains take just seconds.

Create Custom Searches

We understand that you may be looking for something very specific. That is why we have implemented a state of the art search page, which helps you narrow down to exactly what you are looking for. The search page has over 58 filters to help you narrow down your search so you are sure to find what you’re looking for.

SMS & Email Auction Alerts

Running a business is a lot of work and we don’t want to make it any harder for you. That’s why Aged Domain Hunter has built in SMS text message and email alert notifications, to notify you when your favorite auctions are ending. Never miss another valuable expired domain name again!

Manage Your Domain Portfolio

Tired of watching over all of your domain names? We are too. The portfolio feature allows you to track all of your domains in one central location. The portfolio will keep track of your domains page rank, indexed pages, alexa rating, backlinks, domain expiration, and most important of all your websites rankings!

Free Website Hosting

When you pick a domain name for your new business you will need to purchase hosting to host your website. As a member we give you free hosting inside the members area so you don’t have to subscribe to multiple services. This makes things quick and easy for anyone wanting to setup a website.

1-Click Website Installer

Once your domain is hosted a website is required to generate sales and awareness for your new venture. With our 1 click install you can setup your website in just a few minutes eliminating the hassle of a web designer which could cost you $1,000′s of dollars out of your pocket.

Multiple Website Styles

As a member you have the option to choose a style for your website with our 1 click install software. This will enable you to pick between many different website layouts. You can have a blog, product sales page, local business page, and many other different styles that will get your website up and running within minutes.